Friday, July 17, 2009

Chrissy's T42

Another progress on a comission. An SBL...I was afraid to work with SBL's again since I hadn't since my first girl, but it was surprisingly easy. This is my feeble attempt at eye carving too.

And a Final Photo for Val's Girl!

At work, I tried to stick up a big black peice of paper and use a tee shirt over my Luxo to make a photo studio, It didnt quite work out, there wasnt enough ambient light to make the pics not blurry, I only had like 3 useable photos :P

Val's SH is on her way home! and my VL is in San Bernidino O__O! Maybe she will arrive today? *Crosses Fingers*

I also got my girl that I traded Cap Chat for...a Cousin Olivia! She's quite pretty in real life and I'm excited to start to customize her. I actually really love her hair so I can't decide if I want to change her hair or not :( If I do, I would like to put the Leeke wig I bought on her...a pretty blue one and make her mermaid inspired.

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